Our Team

XOCREW is a creative collective based with dedicated talent team from Los Angeles, New York City and Asheville established by Anthony Abraira in 2010.


We function as a hybrid between production company and creative studio throughout New York City & Los Angeles. We collaborate with brands big and small to inform, engage, and inspire their audiences across a broad range of mediums. We are a multi-disciplinary collective encompassing film directors, designers, photographers, producers and artists. It engages in a broad variety of projects from film for music, fashion and brands, to installations, sound and virtual reality.


Anthony Abraira

Director & Founder

Founding member with a background rooted in design. Anthony served as Art Director for Mynt Magazine for its initial launch period based in Marbella, Spain. His work has evolved into business documentary storytelling for major international and domestic brands. Sights are set to fiction filmmaking with projects due out in early 2018.

Stephen Bradford

Art Director

With nearly fifteen years of prepress and marketing experience, Stephen has worked for global brands in the entertainment, retail and publishing markets. Currently, Stephen is employed by an international advertising agency focused on servicing the major theatrical studios and their creative campaigns.

Kimathi Moore

Composer, Sound Engineer

Born in Paris, Kimathi attended music schools off and on but was more intrigued with electronic sound experimentations. His work has been featured at many of the annual multimedia {Re}Happening events. He currently works as a composer for the University of North Carolina Dance Department and the Butoh dance companies in Asheville

Ruslan Tumash


A seasoned travel & fashion photographer preferring the unpredictability of working with only natural light. Coming from a film/photography all subjects lend he photographs tend to tell innately tell many stories at once.

Ross Gentry


With a background in both recording and composition, Ross has created numerous works for film, television, theatre and radio. Beyond the visual world, he has spent the last decade making a name for himself recording and performing abstract and ethereal ambient/drone music under the 'Villages' moniker.

Brian Wilson

Assistant Cameraman

A renegade filmmaker with a talent for editing, Brian joined the team as an assistant camera man but serves as a creative developer for in-house projects while remaining invaluable on the set.

Franco Zanchetta


Franco's introduction to the collective comes as the indispensable genius and lucidity he lends during the story and script development for film and commercial projects.