Everlasting Castle

Drone / Ambient collage piece in 5 movements based on the whimsical worlds of painter Jacek Yerka.

An ambient/collage piece in 5 movements  which is an adaptation 3 of Yerka’s paintings. Everlasting Castle is an attempt to incorporate magic realism, childhood themes, storytelling, musical narrative  in an electronic musical context. This piece involves mostly field recordings, piano samples, cello and sound design. The story is roughly about a little boy that goes through this hole from his home only to find himself on a hill with a living flying castle waiting for him to come on board. Once inside the little boy explores every part of this big flying castle that is now in flight, and finds all of these living rooms filled with creatures, living  objects and metallic plants each eager to show him a window into their world. With sound the attempt is to create a world, a child’s world where the mundane and the surreal merge in a nonchalant way.

1st movement:                   Intro
2nd movement:   Le château insolite
3rd movement:           Inside the insides
4th movement:  Garden mechanics (the Giloulasu’uros)
5th movement:      Epilogue: Bye bye,  dear  Chateau