The Bass and The Strawberry Fields

Chattanooga Arts School

An ambient collage piece composed mainly of field recordings and acoustic bass motifs, based on Yerka's Strawberry Fields series and the idea of using sound to tell a story.

A collection of acoustic bass samples strung together as a collage. Thanks to the Chattanooga Arts School that was so kind in letting me try out some ideas on their cheap student double bass during an installation performance with my artist friends Claire Elizabeth Barratt, David Linton, Chandra Shukla  and Elisa Faires. The basis of this piece like most in this style are based on Polish (magic realist) painter Jacek Yerka’s whimsical paintings.

This particular piece explores several of Yerka’s works that deal with his Strawberry Fields series which were inspired by his childhood memories. It was a creative challenge for me to use the double bass in this context in creating a loose story with a particular mood where I could imagine my bass walking on it’s endpin across these strawberry fields. Not much rhyme or reason other than to explore the uncanny. And again a constant in my work is the idea of creating imaginative moving pictures with sound.